What is Light?

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  •                What is Light? What is it not?
  •                Current state of light theory.
  •                Corrections to how light has been modeled as a wave.
  •                        Transverse Wave and Polarization: Origin of the transverse wave theory of light (polarization).
  •                        Photoelectric Effect:  Origin of the quantum of light and theory of the photon.
  •                        Two-Slit Experiment: Origin of the wave/particle duality theory of light               

Light Part II
  •                Light as a train of semi-hemispheric compression pulse.
  •                A wave theory of quantum's of light (compression pulses): rejection of the wave/particle duality.
  •                The propagation of the train of compression pulses explained: rejection of the transverse wave theory.
  •                The density of the aether.

Light Part III
  •                        Explanation of the photoelectric effect.
  •                        Explanation of the phenomenon of the polarization of light.
  •                        Explanation of the two-slit experiment.
  •                        Explanation of the density of the aether (required to be six million times denser than steel).                
  • What physically is going on?
  • Why does is it emitted and absorbed in discontinuous packets called quantum's of energy?
  • How can we explain the two-slit experiment?
  • How can we explain the phenomena of polarization?

I seek to answer each of these questions without assuming anything but the motion of the aether.

  • I assume no wave/particle duality of light.
  • I do not assume light travels as a transverse wave.
An aethro-kinematic theory of light.
Click Here for a description of the mechanical properties of a transverse wave.

Here for a description polarization.

Here for a description of Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect.

Here for a description of the two-slit experiment which proves light is "also" a wave.
The Current State of Light Theory
Light is half particle (photon) and half transverse wave of emptiness.
Photos can exist in two places simultaneously.
Corrections to How Light as a Wave is Modeled
Longitudinal Wave
Light was modeled after a longitudinal wave, or series of compression
pulses, that propagates through a tube. A tube is confined by four walls.
The three-dimensional aether is not so confined.

Transverse Wave
A three-dimensional medium whose only properties are to move and collide
cannot be modeled off of a taut string whose equilibrium is kept be pulling
the string taut, and consists of atoms that contain electromagnetic bonds.